Alden R Carter MHS

Profile Updated: April 22, 2017
Residing In: Marshfield, WI USA
Spouse/Partner: Carol Shadis (Winter High School, 1966)
Occupation: Writer
Children: Brian Patrick (1983) architect in San Rafael, CA.

Siri Morgan (1987) graduate student in speech More…therapy, Univ. of the District of Columbia.
Military Service: U.S. Navy  
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Graduated from U. of Kansas in Aug. 1969 with majors in English and humanities. Commissioned an Ensign in the Navy. Navy Communications School, Newport, RI. Communications officer USS Ingraham (DD 694), promoted LT(jg). Amphibious Comm School, USMC Base, Quantico, VA. Staff, Commander Amphibious Force Atlantic Fleet. Comm Officer, Dept. of Defense Development Project OSDOC II, promoted LT., Nominated Navy Commendation Medal. Admin. Off./second in command, Navigation Aids Support Unit. Released from active duty, May 1974. I largely enjoyed the Navy, but enough was enough.

Carol and I got married after our lightning courtship of nine years that Sept. We spent a winter at the family cottage on the Flambeau. We headed west the next fall after spending the summer investing in some land and pursuing our passion for canoeing. We settled in Bozeman, MT, where I got a quick teaching certificate from MSU. We intended to stay in the West for a few years, but the job market for teachers was very tight. We returned to Wisconsin where I had more interviews in a week than I'd had in a month in Montana. I was offered a job in Marshfield and its been our home ever since.

I taught English and journalism at the high school for four years, advising both the yearbook and newspaper. At 33 I quit to try to make a living writing. I sold my first novel, Growing Season, in 1984. Growing Season is a young adult novel, a phrase that avoids precise definition. They feature young adult protagonists but the situations can be very adult. The intended readership is older young adults or adults interested in stories of "the coming of age." In many cases, the choice of an adult or young adult imprint is a matter of marketing strategy and little more. Over the next 25 years, I would write a dozen more YA novels. I could get lost in recounting details so I will refer you to my web site ( for details.

Not long after the publication of Growing Season, I started writing nonfiction for middle and high school students or for adults looking for a quick introduction to a subject. I wrote books on supercomputers and modern electronics with my computer engineer brother-in-law, Wayne LeBlanc, a history of radio, Shoshoni Indians (I'd worked for the Native American Studies Dept. at MSU and retained both research and consultation sources there), and the People's Republic of China (with the help of my late friend, Dr. David Chang, my guide to both the physical reality of China and the remarkable character of the Chinese people). A four-book series on the American Revolution brought me back to more familiar ground, and I would largely confine my choice of projects to history and military history in particular for the next decade before the publisher got acquired by another company. By then I'd written about twenty non-fiction books and didn't think I was learning much by writing more. So I turned to writing fiction full time.

The exception was China, and I would write three more books (the last two mainly for adults) on Chinese subjects. China: From the First Chinese to the Olympics is still in print. So is Dr. David Chang's incredibly moving account of growing up in China: The Scholar and the Tiger, A Memoir of Famine and War in Revolutionary China. I was deeply honored to be named as co-author.

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Alden R Carter MHS has a birthday today.
Apr 04, 2020 at 3:35 AM
Alden R Carter MHS has a birthday today.
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Alden R Carter MHS has a birthday today.
Apr 04, 2018 at 3:33 AM
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I always enjoyed Tom.  Just a really good guy.  Alden Carter '65




Alden R Carter MHS has a birthday today.
Apr 04, 2017 at 3:33 AM
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Apr 04, 2016 at 11:00 PM

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Dec 18, 2015 at 3:33 AM

Gary was a great friend. I remember talking to him about poetry, writing, politics, and a lot of things of the mind. Outrageously earnest as I was, he never laughed at me.  He knew a lot more than I did about many, perhaps most, things that came up in our conversations, and I thank him for all he taught me. Fair winds and following seas, my friend.  Alden Carter

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Hi, Diane,
Glad to hear you are active and happy. I have had some pretty severe problems with arthritis and osteoporosis in recent years. I have to use a walker to get around and stay pretty close to home. But with my books, dogs, and ever-loving wife, I'm a happy guy. (Carol and I have been married 42 years.) I haven't done much new work since my last novel (my 45th book) was published in 2008. The meds and general discomfort distract too much. But I'm busy trying to sell my out-of-print books as ebooks, managing sub-rights etc., and doing research on one thing and another with the thought of taking on a non-fiction book. I can't travel anymore but encourage my wife and children to take at least one big trip a summer. In 2010 they visited Ecuador and Peru, but took the train to get as close to Machu Picchu as possible before resorting to shoe leather. Other trips: the Baltic States (Carol is half Lithuanian), Australia, northern Mexico, and northern California and Oregon. Brian is an architect in San Francisco. Siri just started grad school in speech therapy at the U. of the Dist. of Columbia. (Although 32 and 28, neither have married yet, so no grandkids.) I miss the travel, but they bring back good pictures. Again, great to hear your news. Very warmest regards, Alden Carter

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Congrats Darlene. Carol (Winter High School 1966) and I celebrated #40 on 9/14.
My admiration to your son and wife. What great and valuable lives!

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